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FLOWER CARE TIPS, How do I take care of flowers, Tips for keeping your flowers fresh

Our FLOWER CARE TIPS offers everything from tips for keeping your flowers fresh and how do I take care of flowers?

  • Unwrap purchased flowers and cut 3 to 4cm from the bottom of each stem while holding them below cool water
  • Cut off all leaves that fall underneath the water line in the vase.
  • Keep the vase water level full or the floral foam soaked with water.
  • Add a floral solution to the water includes lemon juice and a small amount of sugar:
    • Sugar turns as a food for the flowers.
    • Lemon juice allows the food to run into the stem faster.
  • If you added a food solution to the water and it gather into clouds, replace it entirely.
  • Keep them away from heating or cooling vents and from direct sunlight.
  • Avoid direct ceiling fans or on top of TV or radiators.
  • Flower should be placed in indirect sunlight as they stay fresh longer in a cool room than in a warm one.
  • Keep at climate room environment and preserve flowers in a cool spot (17 to 23C).
  • Every two or three days change the water as it should be kept clear and clean.